Wednesday, October 10, 2012

6 Weeks

6 Weeks
-10lbs & 22.5in (tall and skinny)
-Got a shot at one month Dr. appointment
-Found a house!!! (more on that)
-Met cousin Stephanie and Bowie
-Went to the outlet mall

We found a house!! We are so excited and can't wait to share all the details.  I don't wanna count our chickens yet because the inspection was just today but we are so thrilled to have found one so fast.  My mind and pinterest account are going non stop with fun ideas.  

Amelia is doing great and we are having a wonderful time hanging out together.  She is starting to smile at me and becoming much more observant with a lot of awake time. We went to the Dr. yesterday for her one month checkup.  She did well and didn't even cry (even when they made us wait 30 minutes with her just in her diaper!) Well I guess she did cry when she got her shot but only for about ten seconds. I was a proud mom.  

I feel so fortunate that I get to hang out with her all day! Also this week we discovered the swaddle me and it has made quite the difference.  She fights it at first but once she settles she sleeps really great.  I would recommend it for babies who like swaddling. 

Here are a couple pictures from this week. Amelia is getting cuter and chubbier everyday :)

Leopard/Pink blanket from Grandma&Grandpa Yoast.
I actually think she looks
a little like me in this picture (maybe...?)

And back to looking like Brian.

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