Thursday, August 16, 2012

39 Weeks

39 Weeks
Baby Size: Mini Watermelon (are you kidding?)
Symptoms: Back pain, sleepless nights
Cravings: Not hungry (i think its the heat)

What mama wouldn't love record high temperatures at 38/39 weeks pregnant. I realize that I have it pretty good considering the highs were in the 90's but I became an Orange County weather sissy seemingly overnight and it has been ROUGH. 

I had a Dr. appointment this week and have not progressed as of two days ago. I am done being pregnant though and I am doing whatever I can to get this baby moving.  Well I guess not's far too hot for "ya know" but everything else.  On Tuesday night we went to our favorite restaurant Buon Gusto so I could get some eggplant parmesan, a salad with balsamic vinegar, and some stuffed banana peppers.  All of these are apparent baby movers.  Well I felt back pain and irregular contractions all night so I really thought I did it.  However, here I am still pregnant and no longer having contractions so the food was apparently good for false labor.  Last night I ate pineapple and I'm gonna go for it again tonight.  We'll see.  I have been walking more and doing yoga every night so I really hope this baby gets moving soon.  Not to mention the sooner the baby is out the sooner I can get down to the moving business. The Dr. did offer to strip my membrane but I am electing to do things naturally so I declined.  I imagine that if I am overdue I may feel differently about that, we'll see.  

I have only gained 1 pound in the past 3 weeks but I feel HUGE! I think it must be the heat or that the baby is dropping but I really feel much larger.  I will say that I am still wearing the same shirt and pants in my picture that I have from the beginning so I must not be too huge.  Of course the pants are not only not buttoned but not even zipped a little.  Hopefully the baby comes soon so I wont have to squeeze into these clothes anymore :) 

Overall things are looking really good and I am feeling happy.  Brian and I went to the beach this morning so I could read and walk while he surfed.  It was so wonderfully relaxing and I will miss the beach more than anything else when we move. I guess we'll have to take a couple trips to Savannah and spend some time with the Atlantic Ocean.  I look forward to introducing this new life to all the exciting things in our world.  It will be a lot of fun to rediscover everything through fresh eyes.  

Happy Pushing to all my soon to be mama's!

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  1. Good luck!! I have my fingers crossed for you that your baby will be born SOON!! If you find anything that works to start labor let me know! I'm 99.999% certain I'll go over :(