Sunday, August 26, 2012


It's a girl!!!

After a LONG labor, Baby Yoast was born at 12:54pm. She is beautiful and we are having a great time.  She was 7 pounds 5 ounces and 20 inches long.  She has Mommy's round face and Daddy's long toes.  Pictures and details to come. 

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

40 Weeks

******DUE DATE******
in honor of my full figure.....cow print!

40 Weeks
Baby Size: A small pumpkin
Symptoms: Contractions all day and thirsty
Cravings: Water & Chocolate

Well here we are 40 weeks! When I bought the cow print it was kind of a joke because I didn't think I would make it this far.  Well we made it and I do feel a little like a cow.  Haha.  The fabric does make the belly a little harder to see but it is a funny note to end on.  

I have been having contractions (or surges as we call them in hypnobirthing) all day.  Today is the closest I have felt to consistent labor symptoms which is very exciting.  The surges are still irregular lasting around 10-15 seconds but they are coming at random intervals, so who knows if it is the real deal.  They are giving me slight discomfort but no pain so they probably aren't the good ones but we'll see. 

Well since we are hopefully only a short time away from our hospital visit I though I would finally share what I packed in my bags. I am very prepared which means that I have way too much but I can't help it.  We are only bringing two bags to the hospital, one small bag and one large bag.  I fit everything for me, the baby, and Brian into the large bag.  In the picture below is the large bag and of course the Boppy.

In the next picture is the stuff I packed for the baby. 


For the baby:
4 receiving blankets
1 hoodie towel
3 newborn outfits
3 0-3 month outfits
3 pairs of socks
3 pairs of mittens
3 hats
baby face wipes
baby powder
baby oil
1 bottle
4 oz. drop ins 
2 pacifiers
newborn diapers (only 5 just in case)
1 going home outfit

For me:
2 nursing tank tops
2 nursing bras (not underwire)
2 pair of maternity leggings (I live in these)
1 nightgown (the grey on the left)
1 robe (black, grey, and peach)
2 loose baggy shirts (go with leggings)
1 going home dress
1 t-shirt
5 pairs cotton underwear
bathroom supplies
hair supplies
maxi pads and nursing pads

For Brian, I included pajamas, underwear, and socks. Very exciting. 

 my small bag

snacks (jolly ranchers, trail mix, swedish fish, gum)
hypnobirthing book and visualizations
kaiser paperwork
itzbeen timer

To be added later:
birthing ball
speakers for music

I think that about covers everything we need and a lot of what we don't need. I have packed and repacked this bag at least 5 times but this will have to be the final list because I don't have the energy to do it anymore. I am hoping that our little lamb decides to make an appearance tonight or tomorrow.  Brian and I are heading out on a walk now.  Keep your fingers crossed for us! We'll keep you posted. 

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The waiting game....

Today I am 39 weeks and 6 days along in this pregnancy.  I really hoped that I wouldn't make it this far but I suppose the baby needs more time in there so it will have to do.  I have been trying a few things to induce labor, clearly without success. Some of the foods that I have tried are eggplant parmesan, balsamic vinegar, lots of pineapple, raspberry herbal tea, and spicy food.  I have also tried bouncing on an exercise ball, long car rides in Brian's bouncy truck, and we even went kayaking this weekend.  The only thing that I have had a reaction to is the balsamic vinegar which has caused low back pain and irregular pre-labor contractions every time. I have since given up on my efforts of naturally inducing labor and I'm just gonna try and play the waiting game.

I was given advice yesterday to not play the waiting game but to stay busy and then labor will take me by surprise.  I am trying to stay busy but when you can hardly bend over anymore what to do.  Today I posted our couch and coffee table of Craigslist to sell, played with Goose, vacuumed, and now posting on my blog. I have run out of things to do.  Since I am really bad at waiting we have decided that on Thursday (if the baby is still cooking) I will have the Dr. strip my membranes to maybe gets things moving.  If that doesn't get things moving then I may schedule to be induced, maybe.  I suppose getting induced is preferred over an unplanned c-section but we'll see.

Here's to hoping :)

Thursday, August 16, 2012

39 Weeks

39 Weeks
Baby Size: Mini Watermelon (are you kidding?)
Symptoms: Back pain, sleepless nights
Cravings: Not hungry (i think its the heat)

What mama wouldn't love record high temperatures at 38/39 weeks pregnant. I realize that I have it pretty good considering the highs were in the 90's but I became an Orange County weather sissy seemingly overnight and it has been ROUGH. 

I had a Dr. appointment this week and have not progressed as of two days ago. I am done being pregnant though and I am doing whatever I can to get this baby moving.  Well I guess not's far too hot for "ya know" but everything else.  On Tuesday night we went to our favorite restaurant Buon Gusto so I could get some eggplant parmesan, a salad with balsamic vinegar, and some stuffed banana peppers.  All of these are apparent baby movers.  Well I felt back pain and irregular contractions all night so I really thought I did it.  However, here I am still pregnant and no longer having contractions so the food was apparently good for false labor.  Last night I ate pineapple and I'm gonna go for it again tonight.  We'll see.  I have been walking more and doing yoga every night so I really hope this baby gets moving soon.  Not to mention the sooner the baby is out the sooner I can get down to the moving business. The Dr. did offer to strip my membrane but I am electing to do things naturally so I declined.  I imagine that if I am overdue I may feel differently about that, we'll see.  

I have only gained 1 pound in the past 3 weeks but I feel HUGE! I think it must be the heat or that the baby is dropping but I really feel much larger.  I will say that I am still wearing the same shirt and pants in my picture that I have from the beginning so I must not be too huge.  Of course the pants are not only not buttoned but not even zipped a little.  Hopefully the baby comes soon so I wont have to squeeze into these clothes anymore :) 

Overall things are looking really good and I am feeling happy.  Brian and I went to the beach this morning so I could read and walk while he surfed.  It was so wonderfully relaxing and I will miss the beach more than anything else when we move. I guess we'll have to take a couple trips to Savannah and spend some time with the Atlantic Ocean.  I look forward to introducing this new life to all the exciting things in our world.  It will be a lot of fun to rediscover everything through fresh eyes.  

Happy Pushing to all my soon to be mama's!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Big News

After 3.5 years of living in Huntington Beach, our little family is relocating! We are headed to


Brian was offered a job in Atlanta and we are beyond excited.  We have loved loved living in Huntington Beach but we also love change and new adventures.  After Baby Yoast arrives we are shipping out.  We can't wait to discover all the things that Georgia has to offer, and I guarantee we'll be saying ya'll in no time.

Friday, August 10, 2012

38 Weeks

38 Weeks
Baby Size: A leek (19.5" & 6.8 lbs)
Symptoms: More Braxton Hicks, shortness of breath 
Cravings: French Fries

Well I got checked this week and there is no progress so far.  My Dr. is thinking it will be sometime next week when the baby drops and I start to have the "good" contractions.  The appointment went way better this week. I think last week I was having a bad week and took it out on my Dr.  

This week has been a busy one.  I have family visiting and we have filled up this week with fun.  We hit up a pool party, the mall, the beach, and Disneyland.  I will tell you every morning I have had a little more trouble getting out of bed because of all the activities.  My feet have been swollen and I am tired.  It probably doesn't help that at Disneyland it was 95 degrees and we were there in the middle of the day. It has been a lot of fun though.  I was hoping that all of the walking around would maybe get this labor thing started, but no such luck.

Well this post is going to be short because I am off to a company picnic.  I will give you a little teaser that we have some BIG news that I'm going to announce on here soon :) Until then...

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

37 Weeks

*****Full Term*****

37 Weeks
Baby Size: As long as a stalk of swiss chard (19")
Symptoms: Braxton Hicks Contractions
Cravings: Water and veggies

We are now down to the wire.  It is crazy to think that we are 21 days away from the due date and the baby really could come at any time now. I had a Dr. appointment this week and it was a little disappointing.  I was really excited for this appointment because I was going to have my cervix checked and I was really looking forward to finding out if there was any progress.  I was in the exam room waiting for the Dr. for about 15 minutes.  During this time my mind started to wander and I started to feel an anxiety attack coming on.  I tried to get control before the Dr. came in but it wasn't looking good.  She came in and said that my stats look good and that we were going to do a bacteria swab and then check my cervix. I now wasn't feeling well from the anxiety and reluctantly laid back for the exam.  She did the swab and it hurt but was fine.  She must have seen me flinch because she then said, "if you thought that hurt you're gonna be surprised".  At that point I got mad and uncomfortable and the anxiety took over.  I said to her that I needed a minute and she proceeded to stand there waiting.  I knew that I couldn't relax at this point and asked if we could postpone the exam.  The Dr. was fine postponing because I haven't had any contractions.  However, at this point the anxiety was so bad that I almost fainted on the table.  I was sweating, nauseous, and dizzy. On her way out the door to get the nurse the Dr. said, "I think it's pretty clear that you need to consider an epidural".   Now I was not only about to faint, I was so upset.  I have been working so hard to keep negativity out of my mind and she shoved it right in there. I really felt betrayed.  Like I have said before, I am not opposed to an epidural but to be told I "can't" do it was devastating to me. In that moment I felt like this Dr. is not on my side.  I have been relaxed and calm almost my entire pregnancy.  I had this moment of doubt and insecurity and I had no one in there to back me up.  I think a lot of women have experiences with doctors that are frustrating.  At this point in my pregnancy I'm not sure what to do.  I have requested a midwife at the hospital, so hopefully that will be what I need.  I guess poor Brian will have to be extra supportive :)

On a happier note, I started having some contractions last night.  I'm assuming they are Braxton Hicks because they stopped after about 2 hours but they were definitely contractions.  I abruptly woke up at 4am to some cramping type feeling and my stomach tightening.  It would last about a minute and was coming sporadically.  I couldn't really time them so I knew they were probably false labor.  I was excited though because my body is getting ready. I did start to have a bit of anxiety because the false labor made me realize all the stuff I still need to do!   I spent the two hours of false labor practicing relaxation and meditation.  I also downloaded a soundscape CD for the hospital room. 

I also packed my hospital bag this week. I think I will do a separate post to show everything that I have in the bag but it is nice to have it out of the way.  The bag includes stuff for me, Brian, and Baby Yoast.   I feel much more at ease now that we can just grab it and go whenever the time comes.  One less thing to worry about.  We also registered at the hospital, filled out the birth certificate (mostly), turned in disability paperwork and bought our changing pad for the dresser.  Now we just need to figure out a name. Yikes! Suggestions?? I feel that I am really close to being ready (well not mentally) and can't believe how fast the time went.  The best part about this is that we get to meet our little Baby Yoast in less than a month!!!!