Wednesday, July 25, 2012

36 Weeks

36 Weeks
Baby Size: Crenshaw Melon  The world's smallest
 newborn horse (6 lbs)
Symptoms: Nothing new
Cravings: Water, water, and water

This week we did our hospital tour.  We have decided to deliver at the Irvine Sand Canyon hospital because we have experience there and it is about ten minutes closer to our apartment.  On Saturday we went to the hospital for a little orientation and hospital walk through.  Kaiser has been so wonderful and gave us all the info we need to really feel ready for our baby's arrival. They took us step by step through what we need to do when I start feeling those wonderful things called contractions all the way through being discharged.  It was very helpful and I really do feel much more comfortable now.  I was most excited about how big the rooms are and how baby friendly Kaiser is.  They push breast-feeding and give an hour of family bonding time which I thought was great. I did find out that they don't have a bath like I previously thought so I may labor at home longer if I feel comfortable when the time comes. I'm also considering getting a birth ball because that has been a comfortable position for me throughout this pregnancy. So many decisions :)

This weekend we also went to the OC fair.  We had such a good time! We met up with some of Brian's coworkers and basically tried to do everything we could.  We ate A LOT of food (well I didn't, but Brian did).  We also saw pig races and some acrobats.  The pig racing was ADORABLE! I loved it! I didn't think I would be able to hang with everyone but I managed.  It was hot and we walked for about 4 hours but I ended up feeling pretty good.  I did sleep a lot the next day but it was a very fun day.  I think we'll be heading back to the fair at least once more before it's gone. 

I have also been slowly checking things off my list.  Yesterday I went to the store to exchange some clothes.  After going through the clothes I realized we didn't have many newborn or 0-3 month clothes. We still don't have many clothes but I think we're going to wait until after the baby is born to get anything else.  It has been a little difficult not knowing the gender in these last stages of preparation.  I also find myself wondering about the gender a lot. Brian is still thinking it is a girl and I am leaning more toward girl as well.  I am almost done getting everything for the hospital ready.  I just have some last minute things to get.

Today I wrote up a list of our birth preferences.  Did anyone else do birth preferences or a birth plan? Our preferences are mostly related to having a natural birth and not being induced. I suppose if I am 2 weeks over I will understand if I have to be induced but I really don't want to.  I have heard only negative things about being induced so I worry a little about that. Luckily Kaiser seems to be extremely accommodating so I feel very comfortable that all my preferences will be met.  We just can't believe how fast the time has gone and we are so excited for the little lamb to be here!

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