Friday, July 20, 2012

35 Weeks

*****35 Days Left******

35 Weeks
Baby Size: Honeydew
Symptoms: Feeling large and still tired
Cravings: Soda (not really indulging though)

I finished my last day of work! It is a bitter sweet feeling right now.  I love my job and I am really gonna miss all the kids and my coworkers but I am excited to relax this last month (ish) of pregnancy.  Yesterday was a doozy and I am already in relaxation mode.  

I had a checkup last Friday and everything is looking really good.  The baby sounds great and is still moving a lot.  The Doctor says I have had a great pregnancy across the board so I feel very fortunate.  We also finished our hypnobirthing classes this week.  I am really happy with how the classes went.  I feel much more relaxed and also a little bit empowered.  Every time I see the Dr she tells me how relaxed I seem.  I will credit that entirely to Hypnobirthing and Brian.  I am not a relaxed person so this has been really healthy for me. 

I don't really have anything else to update this week.  We will hopefully get everything on the list accomplished in the next week or two.  I can't believe we only have a little over a month! 

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