Thursday, July 12, 2012

34 Weeks

sorry about the wet hair/no makeup
its really lucky that I even

34 Weeks
Baby Size: Cantaloupe 
Symptoms: Back pain, breathing issues, and major fatigue
Cravings: Nada! I think my stomach is too small now. 

The heat has hit me hard this week.  It has only been in the upper 80's but I am feeling pretty rough.  I really thought I rocked at pregnancy but I am by no means immune to the 3rd trimester fun.  At work I can hardly walk to my car after work because I am so tired.  Luckily my last day is next Thursday so I'll be doing a lot less time on my feet in the sun.  I also can't make it through an afternoon without a 2 hour nap.  Yesterday I didn't take a nap and I passed out around 7:30, I am a mess. The best part about my third trimester has been when I lay down at night and I can barely breath, I have been loving that. In all seriousness, I still have been feeling really good.  I do feel tired and I do get back pain after doing the dishes but I have actually really enjoyed my pregnancy.  I have really been trying to enjoy it more because this is the only time I'll be pregnant with this little baby.  I know that is an obvious statement but I think that for my sake and for the babies sake (well and Brian's for that matter) it is really beneficial to count our blessing even when we can barely get our shoes on. 

This week we were lucky enough to have another shower held for us.  Brian's has worked for Vans for over 3 years and has made some great friends over that time.  They were so sweet and took time away from their busy days to show us some love.  I could not believe the generosity! I was so surprised at how many people came and they were just so thoughtful with the gifts.  I snapped a pic to show all the gifts laid out-


I think we now have everything we need for babies arrival.  I can't wait to figure out how to use everything and see Baby Yoast in all the cute outfits.  We actually don't have many outfits for the baby because I've noticed people don't love buying unisex outfits.  We do have a lot of gift cards though so I am really excited to pick out some fun stuff.  I really feel so grateful to everyone! All the support really helps keeps me calm and I am starting to feel like maybe we can handle this!

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