Thursday, July 5, 2012

33 Weeks

*****Happy (late) Fourth of July*****

33 Weeks
Baby Size: A pineapple
Symptoms: RIB PAIN!!!!
Cravings: chocolate, chocolate, and a little fruit

I had a Dr. appointment this week and I received some great news.  The baby is head down!  I was really relieved because it was something I have been a bit worried about.  Let's cross our fingers that the baby decides to stay that way for the next seven weeks.  

It is hard to tell in the picture but I am carrying the baby really high.  My belly is actually kind of flat and wide instead of a cute round belly.  I am really short waisted so this is causing the baby to be sitting right under my ribs on both sides.  This morning I woke up with a sore sternum and what feels like bruised ribs.  I am officially done being pregnant and I still have 7 weeks left.  haha.  I guess I'll need the 7 weeks though because I still have SO much to do! I have been so blessed and happy my whole pregnancy, and then came week 32 and I have hit a wall.  Hopefully I can get everything done that I need to with my new super fun pregnancy attitude :) All I can say is poor Brian. 

Next week for our hypnobirthing class we have a small homework assignment.  We are doing a session to target our fears and we are supposed to come prepared with those fears in mind.  I have been thinking a lot about this and trying to come up with what those fears might be.  I love lists so I thought I would lay out some of my fears here.

*Emergency C-section (or any C-section): there is absolutely nothing wrong with a c-section, I would just like to avoid any surgery if possible.
*Back labor: I have heard this is really difficult and would be hard to endure naturally.
*Any health concerns with baby: I think this fear is inevitable and hard to even address.  
*Broken tailbone: I have heard this can happen, and I have had tailbone pain since about week 15 so I am a little worried about that.
*Interventions: Episiotomy, drugs, etc...Mostly I want to be in control but I also trust the Dr. and I am afraid I may be talked into something that I don't need/want. 
*Being Induced: I really do not want to be induced.  I suppose if I am weeks late I may feel differently but I just want to let my body do it's job. I have also read that getting induced can cause a more painful labor.  

I know that most of these fears are normal and probably something all women go through.  Hopefully the fear session at hypnobirthing can really address some of these so my fear wont turn into anxiety/tension during labor.  After 3 weeks of hypnobirthing courses I have noticed a much more relaxed version of me.  Before the classes my fears would have probably been a way longer list, so I think I am doing much better.  

I hope everyone had a nice holiday yesterday, we sure did.  Fourth of July has always been a favorite of mine and it made me look forward to holidays with our growing family.

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