Monday, June 25, 2012


The Mongan Method

As I mentioned previously we went to our first childbirth class last week. After A LOT of research we decided to give hypnobirthing a try. I was really nervous/skeptical when we first went into the class, but I am usually nervous when trying anything new.  Brian was laid back about it which is par for the course with him. We ended up being the only couple in the class because the other two couples had conflicting schedules.  This made it a little weird at first because that is a lot of attention on me.  Yikes!  It turned out that I was able to relax much easier because no one else was there. We'll see how tonight goes if there is anyone else at the class.  

Our hypnobirthing instructor is also an OB nurse which I was excited about.  She has an appreciation for the science but also believes in the power of our mind and wont immediately jump to worst case scenarios. We started the class watching a few funny clips of hollywood style births.  These clips were full of the screaming, painful, scary kind of births. After those clips we went on to watch a couple of hypnobirths (real people) to see the difference. The hypnobirths were calm, quiet, and very happy. We talked about the history of labor and hypnobirthing in general.  The instructor taught us about the anatomy of childbirth (which I loved) and how our bodies are made for this.  We have specific tools given to us to make childbirth possible.  We even did a couple of breathing/hypnosis exercises to start working on this method of natural childbirth. I will say I am not entirely opposed to using medicine to help me with labor.  I would love to keep it natural but I don't want to go in to labor with any negativity (even about drugs). 

We have only had one class but we really enjoyed it.  The most important thing I took from our class was to get rid of the fear of childbirth.  I struggle with anxiety anyway, so this is exactly what I am looking for.  In the week since the first course I have read through most of the book and been working on my relaxation techniques. I would recommend the book even without the class because it is a very informative and interesting read. Even though I am still feeling anxieties I think they are starting to subside. I have used some of the relaxation techniques to ease backaches and help with sleeping this week and have seen improvements.  I feel that if I can get rid of the fear and anxiety then I can get rid of some of the unnecessary pain as well.  I'll keep you posted on how tonight's course goes. 

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  1. Sounds very interesting! I think I'll look into it - I've got anxiety also and this sounds like a good way to learn how to relax! Thanks for the post!