Wednesday, June 13, 2012

30 Weeks

****70 Days Left******

30 Weeks
Baby Size: Head of Cabbage (3lbs/16in)
Symptoms: Rib pain & LOTS of movement
Cravings: Nada (exercise??)

So here we are at week 30.  I truly feel like the time has flown by.  I keep thinking, "I don't need to worry about that we have plenty of time", and all the sudden I have 6 weeks until full term.  I can't think about it too much as it will probably induce some sort of panic (just kidding....sort of).

We still haven't put up our book shelves so nothing to update there.  I did organize and get all the baby stuff in place.  We will have a few more things to do before the baby comes. I do feel that if the baby came early that we are ready.  Well physically ready, not mentally.  I think the mentally ready part never really comes until it has too though. I have started making a list of the things we have to do so I'll share that with you:

Before Baby To Do List:
Wash all new baby clothes/ blankets (anyone have a recommendation for detergent)
Buy table top changing pad
Deep deep clean apartment
Clean carpets (a must with a dog)
Practice using the stroller with Goose
Introduce Goose to a baby doll (just to be safe)
Register at hospital
Take at least one labor class
Make 2 weeks worth of freezer meals 
Find our diaper service

The list seems really long looking at it now. Some of the things on the list are pretty silly (practice using stroller with Goose) but it really is a must.  This dog is afraid of EVERYTHING! We just put our BOB together and he was hiding in the corner. Since I take him on his morning walks and he does tend to pull, practice with the stroller is serious business. I will feel kind of silly walking with a baby doll in the stroller but I'm not willing to wing it on this one. Hopefully I can get everything done on the list.  I really want the freezer meals done but they may be one thing that we slack on.  We'll see!

My appointment went well last week.  My Dr. was happy with my glucose results and says that there is nothing to worry about.  I was surprised by my weight gain (in a bad way). I have been very slowly gaining weight and I feel that this last month was a big one.  In 5 weeks since my last appointment, I gained 9lbs. So far it has been 2-5lbs a month so  I was pretty bummed.  That makes my total up to date 25lbs.  I was hoping to only gain 25 total but it looks like it is going to be around 35.  Well this is what the Dr. predicts, so we will see.  I will say that this last month my eating suffered a little. I suppose I could've done without the pop tarts or lucky charms for breakfast. So I am on to choosing the healthier options.  I had been so good and I slipped for a couple weeks and here came the pounds. Pretty funny.  

I spoke with my Dr. last week about my delivery options.  I have been very active during the pregnancy so far and have been feeling really great.  I asked her about natural options, which sounds terrifying but I feel that it might be the best choice for me.  My body reacts really poorly to drugs and I usually get really sick.  I have been researching different options but I have been feeling that it is a hard thing to plan.  I am looking into laboring in a warm bath or doing meditation.  My Dr. tried to talk me out of natural but I think that's for money purposes.  She recommended the Bradley method so I have been looking into that more as well.  I think the reason I feel that natural is best for me is because I will have to go through pain no matter what, so I may as well just see it through.  This may be really naive of me and when I really start to feel the pain I may just be kidding myself.  I asked Brian what he thinks and he is all about natural (because he knows the terror that is me with drugs).  My mind is not made up and I truly am open to anything so if anyone has suggestions I would love to hear. 

On that note, a picture of my lovely Goosey.


  1. If you're interested in going natural, definitely take a birthing class with Brian. He will be your biggest coach and support, and taking classes together will help him know how to help encourage and support you through the labor pains, as well as able to communicate better to the hospital staff what your needs and desires are. We took a Bradley class when I was pregnant with Hugh, which was really helpful. This time around we've just been going over the notes and booklet for the class together and I've also been reading "Hypnobirthing - the Mongan Method", which I've really loved! If you google either one, you should be able to find classes taught for both those methods in your area.

    Even if you are able to handle the pain for most of your laboring, you're going to be so much better off than if you just show up at the hospital and let them hook you up to anything and everything. A lot of the benefit of taking a class is just knowing what to expect and how to avoid lots of unnecessary interventions. Anyway, I was also going to say that laboring in a warm bath is the BEST, so if that's an option, definitely do it.

    Also, if you have Netflix streaming there's a documentary on there that has a lot of good information - The Business of Being Born. But, it also has a pretty negative slant toward hospitals that is a little more extreme than I think it should be, so if you decide to watch it just take it all with a grain of salt. Overall, though, I felt like much of what they present is very helpful in just helping you feel more empowered in knowing what your options are and how to have a birth experience that you'll be happy about.

    Hopefully I haven't just overwhelmed you! Feel free to call me or email if you have any questions. Oh, and, you still look so tiny... don't let the weight gain worry you too much. I gained 45 pounds with Hugh and it looks like I'm on track to gain about the same this time around, too. I really think that's a much more average gain for most women than the 25-35 that they tell you. If it makes you feel better, with Hugh at around 28 weeks I gained 10 pounds in TWO weeks! I'd say you're doing just great!! You look great, too!!

    1. Thanks for all the advice Megan! I really appreciate all your insight. I started to look into the hypnobirthing and it sounds really great. I found an instructor and we are gonna check out the courses on Monday. I'll let you know how they go! Thanks again.


    2. I hope you like the hypnobirthing classes... I'll be very interested to know how it goes. I couldn't find one local, so we didn't take the classes, but both of my sisters did and that's how I found out about the book. I just hope that the more you learn, the more confident you'll feel about whatever you choose and however everything works out.

  2. As for the baby clothes...I'd recommend Tide Free or All free. No need to buy the fancy baby detergent. Great idea on practicing with the stroller with Goose. Haha... I did the same thing with Louie :). We also did the baby doll to get Louie use to it...we put it in the bouncer, picked up the doll a lot and found a mp3 file of a baby crying, so that Louie got use to it before the baby came. Also, when you are at the hospital, before you come home, have Brian bring a receiving blanket home that the baby has been wrapped in so that Goose can use to his/her scent. I think that helped us a lot with Louie's transistion!

    As for the freezer meals. It's a great idea and I would recommend stocking up on Trader Joe's frozen meals :) Also, I'd recommend getting paper plates, silverware for a least a month so you have less dishes to deal with in the beginning.

    Are you going with Cloth or Disposible diapers? If you are doing cloth, I have some I did cloth with H for the first 6 months. If you are doing is good for delivery, but Costco has the cheapest (but I don't think they carry newborn sizes).

    As for the labor/delivery...definitely take at least one birthing class and keep your options open. Every person/birth/delivery is different, so knowing what your options are will help you and Brian make the best choice for you. Just go into it with an open-mind an don't be set on one thing. My sister told me that with H and it helped me tremedously. I had drugs with H & L and no drugs with S and all were the right decision for us at the time. Either way you go, whatever is best for a healthy Mom and Baby!

    Ok...I think that's all I have to say...haha. You look great and such a cute Mommy-to-be. We can't wait to meet baby Yoast! Love you!

    1. Hi Liz,

      Thanks for all the tips. We are doing cloth diapers so we have a diaper service that delivers and cleans them for us every week. We just need to sign up for it. For freezer meals my sister and I have fun making the meals and then freezing them and luckily she is a really good cook so they turn out extremely good. We are really excited for all the fun times to come. Glad to hear that you and the family are doing well :)


    2. I forgot you had your sister there :). That's great she will be there to help! Looks like you are almost ready! Baby will be here before you know it! Can't wait!

  3. You'll have to let me know how it goes with Goose... I don't know if I'll even bother with Diesel - going for walks is hard enough! I would love to be able to but I can just picture Diesel taking off after a squirrel and me and the baby go flying, not good! You should do a post on the birth.. I too am wanting to do a birth with no medication and am hoping that I'm not being naive!

    1. I will let you know for sure. We did introduce the Baby Doll to Goose on Saturday and he was very interested but kept his distance. We will see how the walk goes :) I will definitely do a post on the birth. We are doing our first hypnobirthing class tonight so i'll keep you posted!