Thursday, June 28, 2012

32 Weeks

 ******8 Months******

32 Weeks
Baby Size: A large jicama (yum)
Symptoms: Lots of movement (more like barrel rolls)
Cravings: still very thirsty 

Another week closer, and I am starting to feel every bit of this baby.  The last two days I have stepped up my workout (so basically more walking and stretching) and I am exhausted today.  Its funny how tired I can get after just a mile beach walk and some extra yoga stretches.  Today Kirstin and I went to Disneyland to check out the new features at Disney's California Adventure.  The new downtown is now a likeness of Buena Vista with new shops and restaurants and there is also the new Radiator Spring (Car's Land).  It was really fun and if you have seen the movie Cars, it looks almost identical to the Radiator Springs from the movie. We had a really good time enjoying the food and the Disney creativity.  The combination of the crowds and the people had me sitting at a restaurant for a long break though. I would definitely recommend visiting because it was really cute and enjoyable. 

Another thing that is pretty new this week is the addition of nesting.  I had a moment last week of yelling at Brian about how I need to get rid of everything and that we have no space.  This "no space" is mostly due to my mess or disorganization so I got started on getting making some small changes.  I documented one that has an embarrassing before picture so just try not to cringe.  This is underneath our bathroom sink:


This space became a dumping ground for anything that we don't use often.  I was searching through it to find nail polish remover and had enough.  I was off to Target and picked up 5 shoe box size tupperware and got to organizing.  
after: quite the improvement!

Another project I worked on (well mostly Brian worked on) was our coffee table.  I love a cottage feel to anything so I liked the worn look from before but the paint job was bad and if we put our feet up it would peel a little paint away every time.  It was in need of a little love.  Here is the before:



After a little sanding, priming, and then 2 coats of a sample paint I got a while back it looks much better. I am happy with the two projects that I completed this week and I will be tackling the rest of our closets and storage spaces soon.  More embarrassing pictures to come I'm sure. 

Monday, June 25, 2012


The Mongan Method

As I mentioned previously we went to our first childbirth class last week. After A LOT of research we decided to give hypnobirthing a try. I was really nervous/skeptical when we first went into the class, but I am usually nervous when trying anything new.  Brian was laid back about it which is par for the course with him. We ended up being the only couple in the class because the other two couples had conflicting schedules.  This made it a little weird at first because that is a lot of attention on me.  Yikes!  It turned out that I was able to relax much easier because no one else was there. We'll see how tonight goes if there is anyone else at the class.  

Our hypnobirthing instructor is also an OB nurse which I was excited about.  She has an appreciation for the science but also believes in the power of our mind and wont immediately jump to worst case scenarios. We started the class watching a few funny clips of hollywood style births.  These clips were full of the screaming, painful, scary kind of births. After those clips we went on to watch a couple of hypnobirths (real people) to see the difference. The hypnobirths were calm, quiet, and very happy. We talked about the history of labor and hypnobirthing in general.  The instructor taught us about the anatomy of childbirth (which I loved) and how our bodies are made for this.  We have specific tools given to us to make childbirth possible.  We even did a couple of breathing/hypnosis exercises to start working on this method of natural childbirth. I will say I am not entirely opposed to using medicine to help me with labor.  I would love to keep it natural but I don't want to go in to labor with any negativity (even about drugs). 

We have only had one class but we really enjoyed it.  The most important thing I took from our class was to get rid of the fear of childbirth.  I struggle with anxiety anyway, so this is exactly what I am looking for.  In the week since the first course I have read through most of the book and been working on my relaxation techniques. I would recommend the book even without the class because it is a very informative and interesting read. Even though I am still feeling anxieties I think they are starting to subside. I have used some of the relaxation techniques to ease backaches and help with sleeping this week and have seen improvements.  I feel that if I can get rid of the fear and anxiety then I can get rid of some of the unnecessary pain as well.  I'll keep you posted on how tonight's course goes. 

Thursday, June 21, 2012

31 Weeks

31 Weeks
Baby Size: Weight of 4 oranges
Symptoms: Rib Pain (this is ongoing)
Cravings: Water (I drink so much)

This week has been very busy.  It was our last week of school and the work has been non stop.  In the first three days this week I put in an extra eight hours and cleaned for 6 hours today.  I am exhausted.  I think I would have been tired even if I weren't 31 weeks pregnant. Luckily my job is super fun and also very rewarding so it is worth it.  We start our summer sessions on July 2 and end on July 19.  Hopefully I can make it, the heat may just get to me though. 

Since my last post seen here I have actually checked a couple of things of the list, and of course added some more.  Here is my new and improved list:

Before Baby To Do List:
Wash all new baby clothes/ blankets 
Buy table top changing pad
Deep deep clean apartment
Clean carpets (a must with a dog)
Practice using the stroller with Goose
Introduce Goose to a baby doll (just to be safe)
Register at hospital
Take at least one labor class
Make 2 weeks worth of freezer meals 
Sign up for diaper service
Start packing hospital bag
Buy breast pump (may do after baby comes)
Sign up for maternity leave
Deep clean car

It feels good to start crossing things off.  I crossed off the hospital bag because it is well on its way.  It is hard to complete it until right before because of all the last minute items.  I have been doing some research and I have started to come up with my list of necessities.  I am also a super planner when it comes to packing so I love doing it EARLY.  

Hospital Bag List:
For Mom
Button Up Pajamas (2-3)
Comfortable Pajama Gown
Cotton Underwear (6-8)
Nursing Bras (2-3)
Body Wash/Loofa
Breast Pads
Outfit to wear home (this is a toughie for me)
Face Wash Clothes
Sanitary Pads 
For Baby
Receiving Blankets (3)
Baby Wipes
Baby oil
Bodysuit/Pajamas (2-3 each)
Socks (3)
Hat (2)
Going home outfit (hard not knowing the sex)

My lists are getting a little excessive but I can't help it.  I feel the need to be prepared really early.  I know that when the baby comes I am going to be soooooo overwhelmed so I can at least control my to do lists. Fortunately for me I have a really laid-back husband and he balances me out a little bit.

So as you can see we have crossed off a few things from our before baby list.  We have introduced Goose to a baby doll which went very well. He is curious about it but when we tell him no or tell him it's a baby he sits and keeps his distance. Next time we do it I'll snap a photo so you can see his cute face trying not to look at the baby.  We also went to our first hypnobirthing course.  I am going to do a whole post on the class so more on that to come. I will say that we did enjoy it and it seems like the perfect fit for us.  Even after watching three real birthing videos Brian actually said he thought they were very cool and he didn't even flinch (yes I totally did). Like I said, he is the Yin to my Yang (or somethings like that).  Basically he makes for a better version of me.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

30 Weeks

****70 Days Left******

30 Weeks
Baby Size: Head of Cabbage (3lbs/16in)
Symptoms: Rib pain & LOTS of movement
Cravings: Nada (exercise??)

So here we are at week 30.  I truly feel like the time has flown by.  I keep thinking, "I don't need to worry about that we have plenty of time", and all the sudden I have 6 weeks until full term.  I can't think about it too much as it will probably induce some sort of panic (just kidding....sort of).

We still haven't put up our book shelves so nothing to update there.  I did organize and get all the baby stuff in place.  We will have a few more things to do before the baby comes. I do feel that if the baby came early that we are ready.  Well physically ready, not mentally.  I think the mentally ready part never really comes until it has too though. I have started making a list of the things we have to do so I'll share that with you:

Before Baby To Do List:
Wash all new baby clothes/ blankets (anyone have a recommendation for detergent)
Buy table top changing pad
Deep deep clean apartment
Clean carpets (a must with a dog)
Practice using the stroller with Goose
Introduce Goose to a baby doll (just to be safe)
Register at hospital
Take at least one labor class
Make 2 weeks worth of freezer meals 
Find our diaper service

The list seems really long looking at it now. Some of the things on the list are pretty silly (practice using stroller with Goose) but it really is a must.  This dog is afraid of EVERYTHING! We just put our BOB together and he was hiding in the corner. Since I take him on his morning walks and he does tend to pull, practice with the stroller is serious business. I will feel kind of silly walking with a baby doll in the stroller but I'm not willing to wing it on this one. Hopefully I can get everything done on the list.  I really want the freezer meals done but they may be one thing that we slack on.  We'll see!

My appointment went well last week.  My Dr. was happy with my glucose results and says that there is nothing to worry about.  I was surprised by my weight gain (in a bad way). I have been very slowly gaining weight and I feel that this last month was a big one.  In 5 weeks since my last appointment, I gained 9lbs. So far it has been 2-5lbs a month so  I was pretty bummed.  That makes my total up to date 25lbs.  I was hoping to only gain 25 total but it looks like it is going to be around 35.  Well this is what the Dr. predicts, so we will see.  I will say that this last month my eating suffered a little. I suppose I could've done without the pop tarts or lucky charms for breakfast. So I am on to choosing the healthier options.  I had been so good and I slipped for a couple weeks and here came the pounds. Pretty funny.  

I spoke with my Dr. last week about my delivery options.  I have been very active during the pregnancy so far and have been feeling really great.  I asked her about natural options, which sounds terrifying but I feel that it might be the best choice for me.  My body reacts really poorly to drugs and I usually get really sick.  I have been researching different options but I have been feeling that it is a hard thing to plan.  I am looking into laboring in a warm bath or doing meditation.  My Dr. tried to talk me out of natural but I think that's for money purposes.  She recommended the Bradley method so I have been looking into that more as well.  I think the reason I feel that natural is best for me is because I will have to go through pain no matter what, so I may as well just see it through.  This may be really naive of me and when I really start to feel the pain I may just be kidding myself.  I asked Brian what he thinks and he is all about natural (because he knows the terror that is me with drugs).  My mind is not made up and I truly am open to anything so if anyone has suggestions I would love to hear. 

On that note, a picture of my lovely Goosey.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

29 Weeks

29 Weeks
Baby Size: Butternut Squash (Squtternut Bosh...anyone??)
Symptoms: 3rd Trimester fatigue
Cravings: Anything with sodium

I can't believe it is only 11 weeks until my due date! This has just been flying by.  I am in no way prepared to have a baby. ha. I am , however, counting down the days until I'm not pregnant anymore. My pregnancy has been really good and actually easy, I am just not a fan.  I miss exercising more than anything!!! I just want to get a really good sweat on. Believe me, I have been sweating plenty, just not in the good way.  Yesterday was pretty hot and I could just feel the sweat dripping down my back....not attractive. 

On Saturday Brian and I started to get all the baby stuff set up and ready.  We don't have a lot of space and since the baby will be in the room with us we had to do some rearranging.  Well Brian did some rearranging and I sat on the bed and watched.  The room is about half set up, mostly because it's been a busy week so we haven't finished but I think it'll be done by Saturday so next post should have some pictures.  The part I was most worried about was where to put all the books.  I want them to be accessible but with the limited space I didn't know what exactly we were going to do.  We actually found the perfect solution. We are going to be doing rain gutter bookshelves.  I found the idea on Pinterest and we can't wait to get them all set up.  We have all the supplies ready in our garage Brian just needs to do some cutting, gluing, and assembling.  I am excited to show pictures when they are all done.  

I am off to my monthly Dr. appointment today.  I had to do another (yes, I did one at 18 weeks) 3 HOUR glucose test and I get those results today.  Well I got the results but I will find out what they mean at my appointment.  Everything was in the normal range except the 2 hour mark was elevated.  I don't know what that means but I sure hope it doesn't mean doing the test again.  Torture! Well I guess it's not torture if it helps me have a healthy baby/delivery, but that orange drink is pretty bad. Cross your fingers that everything will look good at the appointment today.