Thursday, May 31, 2012

28 Weeks

*****Third Trimester*****

28 Weeks
Baby Size: Chinese Cabbage  My brain
Symptoms: Nothing new this week
Cravings: Still craving sweets (trying to not indulge too much)

Well we are in the home stretch.  This week the baby weighs about 2.25 pounds and is about 14.5 inches from head to heel.  That seems really big.  I am not really familiar with a chinese cabbage but I do know the brain is about 2.5 pounds so I went with brain.  Also, I started reading some of the children's books out loud to the baby and s/he really moves around when I read so I think that is a sign of some good brains :)

As you can see in the picture my belly is definitely making itself known.  I am still fitting into some of my non-maternity clothes but it gets uncomfortable.  The clothes in the picture are really snug, especially the jeans.  As strange as this sounds, I find maternity jeans REALLY uncomfortable so I am still in my pre pregnancy jeans (and a sturdy rubber-band), leggings, or dresses.

So how was everyone's Memorial Day weekend? Full of BBQ? We had a very busy extended holiday weekend.  My parents drove down to bring all the shower goods and stayed a few extra days.  We ended up barbecuing on Sunday evening because Monday was a full day.  It was great but WAY too much food so we all felt a little sick on Sunday night.  Monday morning we got up early and went for a couple mile walk in the wetlands.  This was really fun and Goose was in heaven.  After our walk we heading out for lunch and a matinée of Men In Black III.  I wasn't really thrilled about the movie, but I was pleasantly surprised. I actually really enjoyed it and it and it was much better than I expected it to be.  After the movie we did some shopping and relaxing.  

Tuesday was a very fun and tiring day.  We woke up early and heading to Disneyland!  We got there shortly after it opened and had such a good time.  It was even better because Kirstin signed mom and dad in for free and we used our passes.  We were able to hit every ride that we wanted in the morning because the crowds had not arrived yet.  We only went on rides that are okay for pregnancy (pirates, jungle cruise, haunted mansion).  We did go on Indian Jones, well they went on and I waited for them on the side.  When I was in line I was really surprised because I would hear people talking about me and that they couldn't believe I was going on the ride.  One person even called me a baby killer! Can you believe that! If you are really concerned feel free to ask me.  I didn't say anything, but I made sure they saw me NOT riding the ride so they may feel a little embarrassed at the comment.  We had to leave Disneyland around lunch time because I had to head to work.  I worked my usual 6 hours and then we all met back at disneyland around 8:30 for Kirstin's birthday dinner.  We went to the Blue Bayou in New Orleans square.  The food was excellent. We ended up doing a little shopping and a couple more rides and headed home at around 11:00.  I have not had a day like that in a long time.  I could barely walk up my stairs when we got home.  I think I would have been tired even if I wasn't 7 months pregnant.  However, it was very much worth it because we had a great time.

Kirt and Dad on the tram

Kirt got her Birthday pin!

Mom and Dad on the Jungle Cruise. 

 After Tuesday's marathon day we have been relaxing (and working).  My parents just left this morning to head back to Ukiah.  It was so great having them, we even tried convincing them to stay one more day. I feel so blessed that these are my parents and my baby's grandparents.  Speaking of baby our little apartment is now full of baby.  I think we are all set with what we need (and some of what we don't need) and now I just need to find room for it all :)

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