Wednesday, May 9, 2012

25 Weeks

My little chalkboard is too small for
the extra pictures.

25 Weeks
Baby Size: A Rutabaga Brian's Vans Shoe (about 13.5" & 1.5 lb)
Symptoms: hard time bending over (as to be expected)
Cravings: Juice, juice, and more juice

This has been a ROUGH week. I have been home sick with the stomach flu for the past two days. I thought the stomach flu was bad and now I have experienced pregnant stomach flu....yikes.  On Monday I could not flip from my right side to my left without running to the bathroom and eating was entirely out of the question. I tried the brat diet but that all made an appearance later, so I had to stick with liquids for almost 2 days. I think I'm all caught up on TV shows and sleep for a while!  Luckily I woke up this morning with a lot of energy and only a little soreness from lying with my Snoogle for 36 hours. My little Goose was the ultimate comforter, he snuggled with me almost the entire time. He would also loving lick my elbow as I was throwing up. That may sound weird but he was just so sweet trying make me feel better. Dogs really are amazing. 

He has the cutest sympathy face.

I had my 6 month checkup last week. Everything seems to be going really well. I started with a new Dr. who is very sweet and much more laid back than the last. I have gained about 16 lbs, not counting the 2 I lost during the flu. It feels like a lot to me but the Dr. said that was good so it must be. 

That's about all that is new.  Baby Yoast is still very active, and I feel like I am running out of room.  I can't imagine what I will feel like in 10 weeks :)


  1. Hi - I found your blog from Pinterest, I'm 16 weeks. I smiled at what you said about your dog - I have a 7 month old black lab who would lay by me during all the morning sickness - while my husband ran the other way! Dogs are very sweet and for sure know when we need some comforting :)

    1. That is so sweet! They are so instinctual, we'll see how they are when the baby comes along :)