Thursday, May 31, 2012

28 Weeks

*****Third Trimester*****

28 Weeks
Baby Size: Chinese Cabbage  My brain
Symptoms: Nothing new this week
Cravings: Still craving sweets (trying to not indulge too much)

Well we are in the home stretch.  This week the baby weighs about 2.25 pounds and is about 14.5 inches from head to heel.  That seems really big.  I am not really familiar with a chinese cabbage but I do know the brain is about 2.5 pounds so I went with brain.  Also, I started reading some of the children's books out loud to the baby and s/he really moves around when I read so I think that is a sign of some good brains :)

As you can see in the picture my belly is definitely making itself known.  I am still fitting into some of my non-maternity clothes but it gets uncomfortable.  The clothes in the picture are really snug, especially the jeans.  As strange as this sounds, I find maternity jeans REALLY uncomfortable so I am still in my pre pregnancy jeans (and a sturdy rubber-band), leggings, or dresses.

So how was everyone's Memorial Day weekend? Full of BBQ? We had a very busy extended holiday weekend.  My parents drove down to bring all the shower goods and stayed a few extra days.  We ended up barbecuing on Sunday evening because Monday was a full day.  It was great but WAY too much food so we all felt a little sick on Sunday night.  Monday morning we got up early and went for a couple mile walk in the wetlands.  This was really fun and Goose was in heaven.  After our walk we heading out for lunch and a matinĂ©e of Men In Black III.  I wasn't really thrilled about the movie, but I was pleasantly surprised. I actually really enjoyed it and it and it was much better than I expected it to be.  After the movie we did some shopping and relaxing.  

Tuesday was a very fun and tiring day.  We woke up early and heading to Disneyland!  We got there shortly after it opened and had such a good time.  It was even better because Kirstin signed mom and dad in for free and we used our passes.  We were able to hit every ride that we wanted in the morning because the crowds had not arrived yet.  We only went on rides that are okay for pregnancy (pirates, jungle cruise, haunted mansion).  We did go on Indian Jones, well they went on and I waited for them on the side.  When I was in line I was really surprised because I would hear people talking about me and that they couldn't believe I was going on the ride.  One person even called me a baby killer! Can you believe that! If you are really concerned feel free to ask me.  I didn't say anything, but I made sure they saw me NOT riding the ride so they may feel a little embarrassed at the comment.  We had to leave Disneyland around lunch time because I had to head to work.  I worked my usual 6 hours and then we all met back at disneyland around 8:30 for Kirstin's birthday dinner.  We went to the Blue Bayou in New Orleans square.  The food was excellent. We ended up doing a little shopping and a couple more rides and headed home at around 11:00.  I have not had a day like that in a long time.  I could barely walk up my stairs when we got home.  I think I would have been tired even if I wasn't 7 months pregnant.  However, it was very much worth it because we had a great time.

Kirt and Dad on the tram

Kirt got her Birthday pin!

Mom and Dad on the Jungle Cruise. 

 After Tuesday's marathon day we have been relaxing (and working).  My parents just left this morning to head back to Ukiah.  It was so great having them, we even tried convincing them to stay one more day. I feel so blessed that these are my parents and my baby's grandparents.  Speaking of baby our little apartment is now full of baby.  I think we are all set with what we need (and some of what we don't need) and now I just need to find room for it all :)

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

27 Weeks

27 Weeks
Baby size: Head of a cauliflower 
Symptoms: Muscle cramps
Cravings: Candy 

This weeks symptom has not been fun.  I have heard that when you are in the third trimester (which I think officially starts this week) that muscle cramps can make an appearance. Well Monday morning at about 5:30 BAM! my calf tensed up waking me up from a dead sleep. Every morning when I stretch I can feel that my muscles want to cramp.  Its always just that first stretch in the morning, but it is not a fun feeling at all.  We did a ton of walking on Monday evening too (disneyland) so my calf is actually still a little bit sore.  I've been doing my best to stay hydrated, walk, and stretch but I am afraid this may just be how my third trimester is going to go. 

This post is coming the week after my shower! My drawers are starting to fill up with baby clothes and we have officially started nesting for the baby's arrival.  We still have plenty of time but living in a small apartment we wanna make sure that we are organized well in advance.  We got a new bed frame to make more room for the crib and extra stuff.  Back to the shower, it was really fun.  Per my request, it was very small and casual.  There were about 20 people that came and we had a really nice time.  I got to catch up with everyone that I don't see often and that was the best part for me.  I included some pictures that were the highlights. 

The candy bar was a big hit! It included my favorite candies and guests got to take home a bag. 
The picture is also awesome because
it shows how great my dad is as a photographer :)
That would be Kirstin's smile and I'm not sure
who's hand. haha
My family's favorite, Champagne cake. Semi-cheesy decorations
but tasty nonetheless.
My favorite part: The Books! This isn't even half of the books 
that I was given. So much fun seeing old favorites and
learning about new books.  I had 
the best time reading them all after the shower.
The Guests



Love this picture of my mom and Kendall from the shower.

Last but not least, a picture of Goose for good measure. 

I am so grateful for everyone that came to the shower! I really had such a good time and I love sharing this new part of our lives with all of these great friends and family!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

26 Weeks

*****Less than 100 days to go*****

26 Weeks
Baby Size: English Cucumber (length)
Symptoms: Some edema
Cravings: Orange Juice

This week has been much less eventful than the last. After recovering from the flu I have finally been able to get back into my rhythm.  I noticed last week that I was having trouble getting fully re hydrated after the flu. Also, I felt a little swelling in my legs and feet.  Now I already have small feet with chubby little toes so I was not a big fan of the swelling. It was quite uncomfortable.  I "made" Brian take me to the beach Saturday, Sunday, and Monday for walks so I could put my feet in the cold water while getting the circulation going.  It seemed to do the trick because I haven't had anymore swelling since.  Even after standing for 8 HOURS at work yesterday my feet held up.  It looks like I just needed to get moving. I have had much more energy lately and have loved taking advantage and getting a lot of exercise (mostly walking and stretching, but I'll take what I can get).

Well I am so excited for this weekend! I am heading home for probably the last time until at least after September. While I'm up there my sister-in-law and mom are throwing me a shower. I will admit I have peaked at my registry to see the gifts that have been purchased because I'm not a fan of surprises. I know, I know I'm terrible! I just can't help it.  I have already looked up who the Bachelorette picks in the end.  I just like being in the know.  I'm sure there will be plenty of surprises though.  I can't wait for the good company and the good food.  I am also excited to show off the gifts we receive with you next week :)

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

25 Weeks

My little chalkboard is too small for
the extra pictures.

25 Weeks
Baby Size: A Rutabaga Brian's Vans Shoe (about 13.5" & 1.5 lb)
Symptoms: hard time bending over (as to be expected)
Cravings: Juice, juice, and more juice

This has been a ROUGH week. I have been home sick with the stomach flu for the past two days. I thought the stomach flu was bad and now I have experienced pregnant stomach flu....yikes.  On Monday I could not flip from my right side to my left without running to the bathroom and eating was entirely out of the question. I tried the brat diet but that all made an appearance later, so I had to stick with liquids for almost 2 days. I think I'm all caught up on TV shows and sleep for a while!  Luckily I woke up this morning with a lot of energy and only a little soreness from lying with my Snoogle for 36 hours. My little Goose was the ultimate comforter, he snuggled with me almost the entire time. He would also loving lick my elbow as I was throwing up. That may sound weird but he was just so sweet trying make me feel better. Dogs really are amazing. 

He has the cutest sympathy face.

I had my 6 month checkup last week. Everything seems to be going really well. I started with a new Dr. who is very sweet and much more laid back than the last. I have gained about 16 lbs, not counting the 2 I lost during the flu. It feels like a lot to me but the Dr. said that was good so it must be. 

That's about all that is new.  Baby Yoast is still very active, and I feel like I am running out of room.  I can't imagine what I will feel like in 10 weeks :)

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

24 Weeks

****6 Months!!****

24 Weeks
Baby Size: ear of corn
Symptoms: rib pain
Cravings: still veggies (mostly carrots)

This week I had my first belly touching experience.  A parent of one of my students went right in with both hands for a rub.  It reminded me of a F.R.I.E.N.D.S episode when a man touches Rachel's belly and asked "Do you mind?" and she answered "You already are". That show still makes me laugh.  I was surprised that the belly touching didn't bother me. I usually have a personal space bubble but I guess the belly is on the outside of that bubble cause I was fine.  I am even okay when the kids occasionally want to feel the belly. I actually think it is kind of sweet, like other people want to connect with the baby. Then again if it starts happening all the time maybe it will start to irritate me but I'm gonna enjoy it for now. 

Last week I had to do a chest Xray.  This is strange but I have to get chest Xrays every couple of years. In 2004, after traveling around Europe, I had a positive TB skin test. After that I had to go through 9 months of medicine to treat potential TB.  It sounds strange because I don't have nor have I ever had tuberculosis but I still have to act like I might get it eventually. The good news is my Xray was all clear.  It was funny because the Xray tech was very nervous knowing that I was pregnant and needing an Xray. He tripled up on the lead vest cover which was super heavy and was quite the site. Glad to have the peace of mind that everything looked good though.  My next test will be the 3 hour glucose in about 4 weeks so I will keep you posted on that. 

I registered for my baby shower this week which was really fun.  I was very much dreading it because I like to pretend that I'm not as far along as I am. I'm on the downhill though so I really need to get on board with reality.  I dragged my sister to Target and we had the BEST time.  I will say it is quite difficult finding things that are unisex. I feel the pain of anyone who will be buying a present for us, not a lot of options. Sorry. Good thing I like yellow, grey, ducks, and giraffes because it looks like those are the choices. I did know that I would want to register for some classic books. For those that don't know, I used to sleep with books in my crib instead of stuffed animals.  I actually got a paper cut on my eye as a result when I was about 12 months old. I'm sure I went overboard on children's books, but it could not be helped.  Everywhere I turned was an old favorite.  I may be apprehensive about motherhood, but reading books with my family is something that I can not wait for.