Thursday, April 26, 2012

23 Weeks

23 Weeks
Baby Size: a large mango
Symptoms: nothing new, just feeling huge
Cravings: carrots

I know I know my picture does not look like a mango, at all. I drew it super fast and was running late to work so that's what we get. The baby is about 1 pound and almost 12" long. Very exciting. I have been feeling a lot of movement everyday. I usually feel the movements in the morning right when I get up and at night when my body is relaxing for the evening. The baby can also hear as the cochlea is fully developed. I have been playing a lot of music to the belly, not singing though. I want the baby to like music so I prefer to leave it up to professionals. 

As of today I have approximately 118 days of pregnancy left. I am realizing that these 118 days are going to get a lot harder. I have had such a great pregnancy but I am afraid that the heat will get the best of me. Once it really heats up I foresee that I will not be the pleasant pregnant girl I have been thus far. We've been having a little bit of earthquake weather and yesterday was quite humid. I found myself tiring out really quick and glistening with sweat. This should be an interesting summer. 

Life has been pretty boring this week. I'm off to get chest xrays (more on that later). I'll leave you with pictures of my Goose from his first haircut :)

 too cute

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