Wednesday, April 4, 2012

20 Weeks

Halfway Point!!!!!

Is it weird that after I traced the banana for the 
picture, I ate it??

20 Weeks
Baby Size: Banana (length from head to toes)
Symptoms: Thirst and small movements
Cravings: Anything with sugar (I'm in trouble)

Well last night I had a dose of reality. I was sleeping when I got a text at 2a.m. saying that my Sister-in-law had her baby girl last night. I am so thrilled and cannot wait to meet her. I was so excited when I heard the news and then it hit me......that is going to be me in less than 5 months. I was in total panic and couldn't fall back asleep. My mind was racing and my anxiety was fueled. I grabbed my computer and started researching, which was a horrible idea. I kept reading about all the fun things that come with having a baby. I don't mean the coming home from the hospital with the bundle of joy, I mean the painful times at the hospital and what comes shortly after. I have never had much anxiety about the actual childbirth usually just about the whole raising a baby thing. Last night, the realization that my body is no longer only mine really hit me. After what I read last night, it doesn't look like there is much more I can do to prepare. I guess I'll just stick with my prenatal yoga.  

I will say that I am very grateful that I get to have this experience. I have been so fortunate during this pregnancy and feel that my body is doing something amazing.  While it is fast becoming quite terrifying I am so looking forward to everything that will come.  


  1. Tara, you are SO tiny! You're looking great for 20 weeks. And, it's totally normal to get overwhelmed by everything that comes with having a baby... even with this not being my first, I still have those moments. Prenatal yoga is the perfect outlet - lots of emotional, mental and physical benefits!!

  2. Megan you are so sweet! I wanted to tell you how great you look in your last post. Such a cute belly. I also loved the picture of the boys in the hats, such a great photo.

  3. I wanted to shoot you off an email, but realized this is the only way I know how to contact you. So, I hope you get this! Every time I come across something that I find helpful, I think of you... so, I thought I'd pass on a couple of things.

    First, here's a link to a page that gives some really great recommendations of a healthy pregnancy diet. I followed it with Hugh and have used it again with this pregnancy to help me get a good, balanced diet. here's the link:

    And, then a friend sent me this article today that I thought shared some really good, practical advice... some things I wished someone had told me before Ben and Hugh came along and some great reminders for this time around.

    I worry about sending you too much stuff, because the last thing I'd want is for you to feel overwhelmed by it all. I think you'll be surprised at how naturally motherhood will come... sometimes it just takes trusting yourself to know you can do it and knowing that with the most important role in the world there will come lots of help from heaven. I am so so excited for you!

  4. Megan,

    Thank you so much for all your encouraging words and help. I love any help that you have especially since you have been through it and are going through this pregnancy with me :) I promise you will not overwhelm me :) Also, if you want to send an email instead of posting on the blog my address is

    Thanks again!