Thursday, April 26, 2012

23 Weeks

23 Weeks
Baby Size: a large mango
Symptoms: nothing new, just feeling huge
Cravings: carrots

I know I know my picture does not look like a mango, at all. I drew it super fast and was running late to work so that's what we get. The baby is about 1 pound and almost 12" long. Very exciting. I have been feeling a lot of movement everyday. I usually feel the movements in the morning right when I get up and at night when my body is relaxing for the evening. The baby can also hear as the cochlea is fully developed. I have been playing a lot of music to the belly, not singing though. I want the baby to like music so I prefer to leave it up to professionals. 

As of today I have approximately 118 days of pregnancy left. I am realizing that these 118 days are going to get a lot harder. I have had such a great pregnancy but I am afraid that the heat will get the best of me. Once it really heats up I foresee that I will not be the pleasant pregnant girl I have been thus far. We've been having a little bit of earthquake weather and yesterday was quite humid. I found myself tiring out really quick and glistening with sweat. This should be an interesting summer. 

Life has been pretty boring this week. I'm off to get chest xrays (more on that later). I'll leave you with pictures of my Goose from his first haircut :)

 too cute

Thursday, April 19, 2012

22 Weeks

22 Weeks
Baby Size: Summer Squash
Symptoms: Acid Reflux
Cravings: Milkshakes

Well this last week I had my first major pregnancy symptom. Last Thursday I made a really spicy burrito and it turned out to be a big mistake. I started feeling funny and just not well, and when we left Friday night after work it hit hard. We left for Northern California at about 8pm (another mistake) and I just felt awful. I've never experienced heart burn before but I was feeling short of breath and just overall uncomfortable. I would try eating something and everything made it worse. Eventually I just tried to fall asleep but about 8 hours into a very uncomfortable car ride I woke up in a panic. I felt like I couldn't breath and also very claustrophobic. I ended up making Brian pull over on the side of the highway so I could throw up.  The sickness just came on so suddenly. Since my mom gets heart burn really bad I knew that this can happen but I will tell you it was awful. After getting sick on the side of the road I felt a little better but it only got worse every time I ate. I ended up taking Tums when we got to my Aunt's house which offered temporary relief but the solution ended up being a really good night sleep and a couple of milkshakes.  I was even able to eat all the wonderfully rich Greek food by the time Greek Easter rolled around with no consequences. 

Speaking of our trip up North, we had a wonderful time. I always look forward to seeing family and being back home is always a blessing. We had a couple bumps and bruises along the way but it was so relaxing and great to see everyone. To dive into some of the details I'll start with the trip up. We left after I got off work on Friday and it was a little stormy. We decided to take the 5 up because we would be going to Rocklin first. We were in for a surprise when we got the the apex of the Grapevine, it was CLOSED!!!! The only thing we could do was turn around and head over to the 101. This means adding around 3-4 hours to our already 7.5 hour trip. It ended up taking us about 13 hours to actually get there because I was to sick to drive and Brian was so tired that we stopped in a parking lot in San Jose to sleep for a couple hours. No wonder my acid reflux just got worse. 

Once we were in Rocklin we had the best time. Almost all of our family was in town for the holiday. We really needed this relaxing trip. We even got to see some of Brian's side who made the trip over. Here are some pics from Easter. 

Brian in his Papu hat! He was trying to look Greek, I think he did it :)
Working on some of the wonderful food!

Yoast Family! So glad they came!

Nephew Parker in the bounce house.

 Even little Kendall made it into the bounce house!
Well with Mom's help of course. 

The next two pictures actually have a story that go along with them. A group of us were sitting at a picnic table enjoying the rest of our food and talking. I asked Kirstin to get up and get my lazy bum some dessert. Sitting at the table was me, my aunt Elaine, my Uncle Mark, Parker and Todd. My dad came over to join us and actually sat down on the same side as Me, Elaine, and Mark. The bench was at a slight downhill but we didn't think anything of it. The only other person on the side of bench was Parker who weighs as much as my leg. Well Parker decided he wanted up and the second that Todd picked him up there went the bench. We all went flying back with the bench. Well my dad and I were pitched off the side while Uncle Mark tried to jump off getting a slight wrist injury. The funniest part was that Aunt Elaine somehow managed to hold on and ride the bench back up as it returned to the original place.  The pictures below are the after math (funny enough I don't know who took these pictures). This was just another one of the bumps and bruises I was referring to. 

 My Aunt Elaine behind me, covered in drinks from the table. Me telling Kirstin what happened,
who clearly could not control the laughter. Actually the laughter continued
for the next 24 hours. 

We ended up spending a day and a half in Ukiah for the rest of our vacation. It was a wonderful trip and we got to do some of our favorite things. This is also one of Goose's favorite places to go.

I did also go shooting, mostly I just took some pictures. I love shooting but my body was a little sore from falling off the bench so I took it easy. I just shot the 22 rifle which is really easy and absolutely zero kick. I was a little jealous that I couldn't shoot the shotgun which is my favorite but there is always next time.

The last little bump actually happened on our way back to Southern California. We decided to stop near half moon bay so Brian could take Goose on a little walk by a beautiful lake. It ended up being chilly so Kirstin and I staying in the car while they walked for about ten minutes. They got back in and we headed back on the road. About 2 minutes later Kirstin (sitting in the back with Goose) noticed a couple of bugs on Goose. I was driving so Brian took a look and thought they were spiders. He picked one up to examine it and it wouldn't squish in his fingers.  This is when we all realized that they were TICKS!!!!!! Gigantic ticks at that.


We pulled over on an on ramp and pulled poor Goose and all the blankets out of the car. We found about 5 ticks, one already biting Goose. This just seemed unbelievable. We decided to start driving and find a place where we could take better care of this. In the meantime Kirstin found another tick on Goose and then 2 on HER!!!! This was not looking pretty.  We finally found a Pet Co and a target and did a thorough search of the car and Goose. We bagged up anything that might have a tick on it and spent the next 6 hours of the trip in panic. What bad luck! I will say it was a fitting end the our trip of bumps and bruises but I guess they all make for good stories. We had such a wonderful time that these couple of bumps did not fog one bit of our nice short vacation.

I'll leave you with another belly pic. This is how I really feel when I'm taking all these pictures. I feel so awkward standing there that occasionally I pose because it really feels that silly :) Hope you enjoyed this extra long post!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

What was that???

The raindrops in my belly have transitioned into full blown kicks!
I guess this is when it starts to feel real...

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

21 Weeks

Kalo Pashcha!  Christos Anesti!

21 Weeks
Baby Size: Length of a Carrot (just in time for Easter)
Symptoms: Nothing new :)
Cravings: Sweets

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter. Ours was filled with wonderful food, wonderful company and even a little Easter egg hunt in our living room (thanks Kirstin). We also had the pleasure of getting to see our new niece Reese this past weekend. She is so beautiful and was such a sweet baby the whole time we visited. 

Last week I had my monthly checkup and I was able to hear a little bit about my ultrasound that I had 3 weeks ago. My Dr. said that everything looked great and is growing as it should. After waiting for the appointment for about 2 hours the Dr. only saw me for 5 minutes and informed me that she is moving. I was really sad because it takes a lot for me to feel comfortable with someone. I requested a midwife from here on out so we'll see how it goes. I think I'll need a lot of encouragement and I heard that midwives are really great during the labor.  Anyone else have a midwife instead of a Dr.?

During my appointment the Dr. said that the baby kicked her while she was feeling around. I didn't feel it so there must be a lot of cushion or something. I told the Dr. that I think the baby was trying to punch her in the face for making me wait so long...jk, I did think it though. 

After my appointment I was at work and received a voicemail from my Dr. saying she needed to discuss some testing with me. I was immediately panicked. My mind was wandering, especially because she left me her personal phone number to return her call. When I was finally able to get her on the phone she just wanted to run some primary screening because of my previous health issues. It was really no big deal but my mind automatically jumps to worst case scenario. I imagine that this comes with the territory of becoming a mom. Oh the joys!

Well, I will be heading north this weekend for Greek Easter and I can't wait. Lots of pictures to come! 

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

20 Weeks

Halfway Point!!!!!

Is it weird that after I traced the banana for the 
picture, I ate it??

20 Weeks
Baby Size: Banana (length from head to toes)
Symptoms: Thirst and small movements
Cravings: Anything with sugar (I'm in trouble)

Well last night I had a dose of reality. I was sleeping when I got a text at 2a.m. saying that my Sister-in-law had her baby girl last night. I am so thrilled and cannot wait to meet her. I was so excited when I heard the news and then it hit me......that is going to be me in less than 5 months. I was in total panic and couldn't fall back asleep. My mind was racing and my anxiety was fueled. I grabbed my computer and started researching, which was a horrible idea. I kept reading about all the fun things that come with having a baby. I don't mean the coming home from the hospital with the bundle of joy, I mean the painful times at the hospital and what comes shortly after. I have never had much anxiety about the actual childbirth usually just about the whole raising a baby thing. Last night, the realization that my body is no longer only mine really hit me. After what I read last night, it doesn't look like there is much more I can do to prepare. I guess I'll just stick with my prenatal yoga.  

I will say that I am very grateful that I get to have this experience. I have been so fortunate during this pregnancy and feel that my body is doing something amazing.  While it is fast becoming quite terrifying I am so looking forward to everything that will come.