Monday, March 26, 2012

Riding the pregnancy roller-coaster

Well, I had my first moment of pure crazy today. I know that pregnancy hormones are not to be messed with, but today was more than I imagined.
On the way to drop my mom off at the airport after our fun weekend we stopped in for breakfast at Norms. We were eating later than I normally do so I was verging on cranky (well honestly I was already cranky). After deciding what I wanted, I asked the server if I could substitute fruit for the ham in the special. He nicely told me that I could only substitute my the hash-brown for fruit. I started to look at the menu for something else when I was suddenly overwhelmed and burst into tears. My mom and my sister stared in shock while I put my head in my hands sobbing. The server uncomfortably said he would return in a minute. My mom then cautiously asked what was wrong and I yelled out that I just wanted hash-browns, pancakes, AND fruit but there are no meals that have those three things. When I was finished speaking we all stared at each other and then started laughing hysterically. It was so absurd and hilarious all at the same time.

 Has anyone experienced anything like that?

I may not have morning sickness, much weight gain, or many pregnancy symptoms but I sure am a roller-coaster of hormones. I will say I feel pregnant today.... about time :)

Thanks again Mom for coming to visit. It meant the world to me and I'm glad that we got to spend quality time together. (Sorry for the crazy :) )

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  1. Oh, Tara, I didn't know whether to laugh or cry while I read this! I totally know the feeling. And, I hate to say this but it's just the beginning. I'm pretty sure every pregnant woman has her fair share of those moments... and sometimes just motherhood in general (even when not experiencing the overload of pregnancy hormones) can just be so overwhelming and emotional. Sounds like you're going to be just fine, as long as you continue to find a way to laugh your way through it. I hope you ended up getting your pancakes, hash browns and fruit... it doesn't seem like it should have been a difficult request to accommodate.