Saturday, March 3, 2012


I am new to blogger and it is time that I get started. My husband and I live pretty far away from our parents and we want to keep them updated on the new happenings in our live. 

To start off Brian and I have been married 4 years on April 11th and we are expecting our first child in August. Since most of our family will not get to see my growing belly I wanted to give them (and anyone else) a way to share in this fun time with us. 

15 Weeks

Due date: August 22, 2012
Baby is the size of: an apple

Normally I don't document much but I am very excited about this.
For my belly picture I wanted to use fabrics as the background so I could use them for a future quilt and growing baby pictures in the future. 

I made the chalkboard with an old frame so you can see my sorry attempts at trying to draw the fruit that fits the baby's size.  I'll do my best to keep the belly updates coming. 

To finish off my first blog I'll leave you with some other gems :)

Goose, our first baby, on a recent camping trip.
 Brian is a surfer and I love catching the excitement. 
My two loves.


  1. Tara!! I've been wanting to email you for a while now, but couldn't find you on facebook and didn't have your contact info. Then, tonight I just happened to notice someone new following our blog and was so happy to find that it was you... and then to find that you have a new little blog here yourself! You look so stinkin' cute!! I am so happy for you and Brian! And, I'm super excited to get a little glimpse into your journey, so keep the posts coming!

    Also, if you're interested, I found a really fun website with a weekly pregnancy countdown that is hilarious and helpful at the same time -

    1. Hi Megan! Yay, i'm so excited. Yeah I actually am not on facebook so this is my way to reconnect :) I'm glad you found me and thanks for the link. Very funny and also informative. Since I am new to pregnancy I can use all the info and humor I can get. I have really enjoyed your blog and can't wait to share with you as well.

  2. Oh my gosh Tara, first off CONGRATULATIONS on the baby news!! I'm so incredibly excited and happy for you and Brian!!! Second, this is an awesome way to keep everyone updated!!! So exited to see your progress, miss you both!! Xoxo

  3. Congratulations!! I am super excited for the new little addition to your family. I am always so happy to see old friends join the blogging world so I can stay updated on them! (I'm horrible at Facebook). Michelle (Hill) Hansen has a blog case you didn't know. It's I think the fabric/quilt idea is super cute; i never would have thought of something like that, but how special. August is a good month. We just had baby#2 this past August on the 3rd. Are you guys still in CA? Whereabouts?

    If you want to send me your email I can invite you to view our blog too. Take care!

  4. I am sooooo excited for you Brian and Tara! What a lucky baby to have such a talented, cute mommy and fun dad! I can't wait to come down and meet your baby when he or she arrives. Love you guys lots!