Wednesday, March 14, 2012

17 Weeks

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

17 Weeks
Baby size: weighs as much as a turnip (don't laugh at my turnip)
Symptoms: trouble sleeping, feeling lucky though

The baby is developing sweat weird does that sound. Every week I read about the changes that the baby is going through and it all sounds so strange.  I am stating to realize how amazing our bodies are that we can create this little body inside us. Pretty amazing. I have always been fascinated with our bodies abilities and I am very grateful that I can now find out first hand how this feels. I keep thinking about a tiny nervous system and it is just fascinating. Another thing I read is that the baby is going through a large growth spurt, which I definitely feel. The baby weighs about 5 ounces which is about the weight of a turnip. To be totally honest, I'm not sure what a turnip looks like so I took a shot. Really, is there anyone who knows what a turnip looks or tastes like? I do not have any idea. 

I have a Dr. appointment next week which is the big one, my ultrasound. As I said before we are not finding out the gender but I'm excited to see that everything is going well. I have felt great so far, but I still have those anxieties so I am looking forward to this appointment. I am also looking forward to it because my mom is flying down to come with us. She is already the best Yia-Yia (Greek for Grandma), so I am so happy that she could make it down for this. We are also celebrating by going to see The Hunger Games! I may be looking forward to that even more than the ultrasound (jk, kinda).

Last weekend we went camping! We love camping, but I may have to take a break for the rest of the summer. I have a hard enough time sleeping so this last weekend was a little tough (not to mention, Brian forgot to pack the air-bed). Even without any sleep we had a great time! We go to Leo Carillo in Malibu which is dog friendly (a must) with a beach in walking distance. We spent a lot of relaxing at the campsite, relaxing on the beach, and taking relaxing walks. Camping is a great way to wind down after a week of work.  Not to mention it is one of Goosey's favorite things to do...

so happy with a mouth full of dirt

Goose is not a fan of riding in the back (this is right before he tried to jump out)

Looking forward to my next post. Ultrasound pictures to come :)

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  1. You look like you're getting smaller! And, I really wish you were finding out the sex... but maybe I can hope that your mom will have really good eyes and figure it out or get the dr. to whisper it in her ear! :) The big ultrasound is an amazing experience - can't wait to hear all about it and get the first glimpse of your little baby.