Wednesday, March 7, 2012

16 Weeks

So my last post was a little bit deceiving. 
I was technically 15 weeks and 4 days so....
 my update this week is not much different than the last. 

Week 16

Baby size: an avocado
Symptoms: Slight tailbone pain and 
sometimes fatigue.

I've decided to wear the same outfit for every picture to really see the growth. 
We'll see how long this shirt will fit but I am gonna try.
I have been feeling like a faaaattty this week.
 I realize that my picture looks almost identical but this week I'm feeling extra large.
I'm still fitting into all of my normal clothes, pants are snug around the belly though.
Also, it doesn't help that the kids I work with are always telling
me how chubby I look. But this is that chubby phase so hopefully i'll grow out of it soon.

Last week at my appointment my Dr. asked if I had felt the baby move.
I had no idea that could happen this early. 
However, yesterday I was walking at work and felt this weird flutter in my belly. 
It lasted only a second but I imagine when the baby moves, it may feel 
something like that. When he/she really starts moving a lot I'm sure I wont
have any question.
Speaking of the he/she question. We are NOT finding out the sex.
My ultrasound is in 2 weeks and I am gonna do my best not to find out. 
I have a vision of the Dr. telling us after all the hard work.
I think it will be a fun way to find out. 

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