Wednesday, March 28, 2012

19 Weeks

love this week's fabric (thanks mom)

20 Weeks
Baby Size: heirloom tomato 
Symptoms: thirst
Cravings: fruit juice (any kind)

I am a back-sleeper so I have been having trouble making the move to my side. I usually fall asleep on my side and then wake up throughout the night because I have moved to my back. I am still fine sleeping on my back for a short period of time but I can't be all the way flat because then I start to get ligament pain.  I have been sleeping on the couch because it forces my to side sleep, but I was still feeling very sleep deprived. Brian has been insisting that I get a special pillow because I am zero fun when sleep deprived so I started looking around.  I ended up going with the Snoogle from Target...

It may look hilarious, but it was AMAZING last night. The best night of sleep I have had since long before getting knocked up.  I am a terrible sleeper and used to take melatonin every night but I have found the solution....A Snoogle. I would recommend it to anyone who has trouble sleeping. Even as I type this Brian is snuggled up with my Snoogle passed out on the couch.

Lastly I wanted to add that I did see The Hunger Games this weekend. A group of us went to the 9:45 Saturday morning show (who knew those existed) at Downtown Disney. Kirstin had work after so this was the best choice. Well no one was in there so it was perfect. We had our Mockingjay pins and I honestly loved the movie. I am a huge fan of the books and I was not disappointed. The movie had some obvious changes but nothing that bothered me. I thought it was a great interpretation of the book and I enjoyed it from start to finish. I also cried during the entire reaping scene and every time they showed Rue. I thought this might be due to pregnancy hormones but my mom and sister were both there with me in tears.  

Moral of the story: see The Hunger Games and sleep with a Snoogle. 

Also, Happy 1st Birthday Kendall!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Riding the pregnancy roller-coaster

Well, I had my first moment of pure crazy today. I know that pregnancy hormones are not to be messed with, but today was more than I imagined.
On the way to drop my mom off at the airport after our fun weekend we stopped in for breakfast at Norms. We were eating later than I normally do so I was verging on cranky (well honestly I was already cranky). After deciding what I wanted, I asked the server if I could substitute fruit for the ham in the special. He nicely told me that I could only substitute my the hash-brown for fruit. I started to look at the menu for something else when I was suddenly overwhelmed and burst into tears. My mom and my sister stared in shock while I put my head in my hands sobbing. The server uncomfortably said he would return in a minute. My mom then cautiously asked what was wrong and I yelled out that I just wanted hash-browns, pancakes, AND fruit but there are no meals that have those three things. When I was finished speaking we all stared at each other and then started laughing hysterically. It was so absurd and hilarious all at the same time.

 Has anyone experienced anything like that?

I may not have morning sickness, much weight gain, or many pregnancy symptoms but I sure am a roller-coaster of hormones. I will say I feel pregnant today.... about time :)

Thanks again Mom for coming to visit. It meant the world to me and I'm glad that we got to spend quality time together. (Sorry for the crazy :) )

Friday, March 23, 2012

The results are in...

It is a

 sorry, you're getting a picture of a picture.
I'm far too lazy to scan it.

So as you can see in the picture above, it looks like a baby :) The appointment went well, I didn't get much information though. The ultrasound tech just measured, took a bunch of pictures and then said the Dr. would go over the ultrasound with me at my next appointment. As far as I could tell it looked like a healthy baby. My favorite part was the spine. It was also fun finding out where the baby was positioned. 

My least favorite was probably the picture below.....

Total skeletor face! Just kidding....kinda. Actually my least favorite part was having a full bladder being pressed on by the ultrasound. Not my idea of fun. 

My next appointment with my Dr. is in two weeks so we'll be able to find out if everything is running smoothly. Based on how my pregnancy is going to far, everything feels great. Also if I had to guess, I had the feeling when I was looking at the pictures that this baby just might be a boy. I will say that up until now I felt that it was a girl so I basically do not have a clue :)

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

18 Weeks

Well its official, I now look pregnant to everyone. 

 the fabric looks similar to last week
but it is small little 
polka dots, really cute :)

18 Weeks
Baby Size: A bell pepper (about 7 ounces)
Symptoms: Round ligament pain (ouch)

This week has been harder than most weeks. I have been feeling a lot of ligament stretching and pain, which is referred to as round ligament pain.  Also, I gained a couple of pounds this week and I can tell that the baby is growing a lot right now. I read that this is the time that I'll really start to notice changes and I do. My body has also been more sore at the end of each day.  In the picture below I was telling Kirstin (my sister) that I am starting to regret weekly belly pictures. She so lovingly snapped a photo is my tired stressed state. I am feeling a little self-conscience, so hopefully I can suck it up through week 20, week 30 and week 40......we'll see.

So tired.

Sorry to say but I am tired so this post is short. I will try and post again tomorrow with the details of my ultrasound and maybe about how excited I am about the Hunger Games!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

17 Weeks

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

17 Weeks
Baby size: weighs as much as a turnip (don't laugh at my turnip)
Symptoms: trouble sleeping, feeling lucky though

The baby is developing sweat weird does that sound. Every week I read about the changes that the baby is going through and it all sounds so strange.  I am stating to realize how amazing our bodies are that we can create this little body inside us. Pretty amazing. I have always been fascinated with our bodies abilities and I am very grateful that I can now find out first hand how this feels. I keep thinking about a tiny nervous system and it is just fascinating. Another thing I read is that the baby is going through a large growth spurt, which I definitely feel. The baby weighs about 5 ounces which is about the weight of a turnip. To be totally honest, I'm not sure what a turnip looks like so I took a shot. Really, is there anyone who knows what a turnip looks or tastes like? I do not have any idea. 

I have a Dr. appointment next week which is the big one, my ultrasound. As I said before we are not finding out the gender but I'm excited to see that everything is going well. I have felt great so far, but I still have those anxieties so I am looking forward to this appointment. I am also looking forward to it because my mom is flying down to come with us. She is already the best Yia-Yia (Greek for Grandma), so I am so happy that she could make it down for this. We are also celebrating by going to see The Hunger Games! I may be looking forward to that even more than the ultrasound (jk, kinda).

Last weekend we went camping! We love camping, but I may have to take a break for the rest of the summer. I have a hard enough time sleeping so this last weekend was a little tough (not to mention, Brian forgot to pack the air-bed). Even without any sleep we had a great time! We go to Leo Carillo in Malibu which is dog friendly (a must) with a beach in walking distance. We spent a lot of relaxing at the campsite, relaxing on the beach, and taking relaxing walks. Camping is a great way to wind down after a week of work.  Not to mention it is one of Goosey's favorite things to do...

so happy with a mouth full of dirt

Goose is not a fan of riding in the back (this is right before he tried to jump out)

Looking forward to my next post. Ultrasound pictures to come :)

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

16 Weeks

So my last post was a little bit deceiving. 
I was technically 15 weeks and 4 days so....
 my update this week is not much different than the last. 

Week 16

Baby size: an avocado
Symptoms: Slight tailbone pain and 
sometimes fatigue.

I've decided to wear the same outfit for every picture to really see the growth. 
We'll see how long this shirt will fit but I am gonna try.
I have been feeling like a faaaattty this week.
 I realize that my picture looks almost identical but this week I'm feeling extra large.
I'm still fitting into all of my normal clothes, pants are snug around the belly though.
Also, it doesn't help that the kids I work with are always telling
me how chubby I look. But this is that chubby phase so hopefully i'll grow out of it soon.

Last week at my appointment my Dr. asked if I had felt the baby move.
I had no idea that could happen this early. 
However, yesterday I was walking at work and felt this weird flutter in my belly. 
It lasted only a second but I imagine when the baby moves, it may feel 
something like that. When he/she really starts moving a lot I'm sure I wont
have any question.
Speaking of the he/she question. We are NOT finding out the sex.
My ultrasound is in 2 weeks and I am gonna do my best not to find out. 
I have a vision of the Dr. telling us after all the hard work.
I think it will be a fun way to find out. 

Saturday, March 3, 2012


I am new to blogger and it is time that I get started. My husband and I live pretty far away from our parents and we want to keep them updated on the new happenings in our live. 

To start off Brian and I have been married 4 years on April 11th and we are expecting our first child in August. Since most of our family will not get to see my growing belly I wanted to give them (and anyone else) a way to share in this fun time with us. 

15 Weeks

Due date: August 22, 2012
Baby is the size of: an apple

Normally I don't document much but I am very excited about this.
For my belly picture I wanted to use fabrics as the background so I could use them for a future quilt and growing baby pictures in the future. 

I made the chalkboard with an old frame so you can see my sorry attempts at trying to draw the fruit that fits the baby's size.  I'll do my best to keep the belly updates coming. 

To finish off my first blog I'll leave you with some other gems :)

Goose, our first baby, on a recent camping trip.
 Brian is a surfer and I love catching the excitement. 
My two loves.