Thursday, December 27, 2012

17 Weeks(4months) & Christmas

Bubba can always be seen with her hands in her
mouth now so I felt this picture
was perfect for this week.

17 Weeks

We had such a fun Christmas! Everyone always said that the holidays are much better when you have kids but I had no idea. We had such a good time.  Christmas Eve we went out with family to Maggianos Italian restaurant and had a great time catching up with everyone.  Well to be honest Amelia was in quite the mood so Brian and I took turns eating and standing outside. But we did have a great time even though Amelia was a stinker.  She does not do well at bedtime when we go out.  I'm trying to figure out a way to get her to sleep but the girl loves her bed. I snapped this cute picture before we went out to dinner of Amelia.  She kept trying to stick her tulle skirt in her mouth. Very cute. 

look at that little smirk

Amelia was exhausted when we got home so we quickly threw her in her Christmas Eve pajamas (thanks Aunt Katie) for a quick reading of The Night Before Christmas and a 4 month pajama photo shoot :) As a lover of books, I am dying over this next picture.  She looks like she is really into it with her feet kicked up. I was giddy :)

Brian did read the book to her but it wasn't long before she let us know how tired she was.  She was probably just excited to open presents. 

Christmas morning Amelia, Goose, and I got up and hung out by the tree while Brian slept in (Poor guy had to work Christmas Eve) Growing up I was always the first one up and would take a nap on the couch until everyone else got up.  I love love that time Christmas morning, maybe even more now.  I, of course, snapped morning pictures of the Amelia and Goose. Can you just tell how excited they are?The funny thing was that Goose seemed to understand what was going on.  He kept pacing around and sniffing the presents and seemed very anxious. So cute!

Around 8am we woke Brian up and started to tear into the presents. We wanted Amelia up when we did it so we moved fast. Amelia got an abundance of presents (mostly from Grandparents and some Aunties). Brian gave me the Young House Love book, which I can't put down and he got a compound Miter saw. So fun! He is actually building his desk right now and has put the saw to good use. We got tons of stuff and I really felt like a kid again.  We did get Amelia a couple of things: books, pacifiers, and baby leg warmers.  Not much because we knew she would be basically just focusing on holding her head up so we'll probably go a little bigger next year.  Amelia was exhausted after presents and took a 4 hours nap.  During Amelia's nap we actually skyped with my family in Cali while they opened their gifts.  It was really fun and it even felt like we were there with them. Brian also made the traditional crepe breakfast. We really enjoyed our first Christmas in our new home.  I am already counting down the days until next year. 

Thursday, December 20, 2012

16 Weeks

16 Weeks
-Coke world again :)
-Church Christmas party
-Brian and I both gave talks at Church
-Met Santa (well from a distance)
-Shopping/lunch in Dahlonega, Ga

We had so much fun with Kirstin here this week.  I feel like we were so busy that the week flew by.  We went to a Christmas party this week, had dinner with some new friends (also just moved here from So. Cal), went to World of Coke, and tried to eat at every Georgia restaurant.  We were sad to see Kirt go but excited that Christmas is only 5 days away! I already have all the presents under the tree and I definitely feel like a kid again.  I keep telling Brian that the presents might be open when he gets home from work.  Every year we open our presents early so I am having a hard time refraining.  

As I said above, we had a Christmas party this weekend that we went to. Our wonderful ward had a great party with good food and Santa. We didn't end up getting a picture with Santa because I think we'll wait until she can actually ask Santa for something. We thought about it but I didn't want to be in the picture so we passed. I did however dress Amelia up in her Christmas best :) 

Brian's looking a little lumberjack, Georgia is rubbing off
on him. :)

How cute is this baby? She loves standing. And yes that is a leg
lamp shirt.  Don't judge me but she is probably
going to wear the same outfit for Christmas Eve dinner.
It's too cute not to get a lot of use out of it.

Kirstin, Amelia, and I made a trip to World of Coke.  We went on a Monday and there was no one there which was really fun.  We of course had a great time and took all the obligatory photos. 

still creepy

I love this picture of Amelia. She is always wanting to look around and 
she really enjoyed this room full of Coke merch.  She is sweet :)

I had to put this picture of Kirt in.  This is the vault where the keep the secret
recipe for Coke.  When she did the pose the whole room
of people started laughing.  We thought that was so funny.  

Old fashion soda shop.

Kirt trying all the sodas from around the world.  This was after drinking
the amazing Beverly from Italy.  It is amazing, as you can see from her face.

Well we hope everyone has a great holiday this next week. We are missing family but are very much looking forward to the fun of having a baby during the holidays. 

Merry Christmas!

ps. I hope everyone receives our card.  We are having some issues with the post office (delivering our cards soooo late. So the cards may not come until after the 25th...sorry.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

15 Weeks & New Kitchen

smiling at her Aunt Kiki

15 Weeks
-Sleeping 12 hours almost every night
-Laughing!! So cute!
-Aunt Kirstin is visiting :)
-Started painting the house
- Finished all Christmas shopping :)
-Had our first Georgia friends over for dinner
-Goose Turned 2!!!!

We are having so much fun! We have our first visitor in town this week.  My sister Kirstin is in town for a week! Kirstin is good with all babies but Amelia LOVES her.  When I hold her she cries for her Aunt Kiki the whole time :) So cute! We have some fun Georgia plans while Kirstin is in town.  So far we have met up with family in East Atlanta and hit up a farmers/craft market.  Very fun! We also ate at a great Irish restaurant called The Elder Tree.  Interesting food and very tasty. We have other plans of heading to Dahlonega and Dawsonville tomorrow and maybe hitting up World of Coke again.  We already treated Kirstin to a Georgia favorite Chick Fil-a (fancy I know). We plan on getting her some Waffle House and Five Guys as well.  

I have also been putting Kirstin to work helping me with the painting.  We finished the kitchen and it looks really good. A huge improvement.  We went with Sherwin Williams Hearts of Palm to really bring some good color in.  Check out the before and after below for a huge improvement. 

I think the color looks so good you almost don't notice the stamped ceiling, awesome light fixture, or the amazing vinyl floors.....almost.

Last but not least Goose turned 2 today! For his birthday he got new food bowls (very exciting).  He also got a new rope which is his absolute favorite. He was beyond excited when I pulled it out of the bag and he went straight to pulling all the strings apart.  We only get ropes for special occasions because it is such a mess so he was thrilled. He will be even more excited when he sees his Christmas presents. Yes I am aware that we are total goobers for celebrating his birthday, but life is just a little better when we celebrate. 

look at that face :)

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

14 Weeks


14 Weeks
-Roswell Christmas tree lighting
-Started Christmas shopping
-Slept 12 hours at night again (a few times)

As you can see we haven't had the most eventful week.  We did visit with family at a Christmas tree lighting which was fun.  Santa came in on a fire truck and the kids were very excited.  The line was a little too long to warrant a picture so we didn't get a Santa picture with Amelia.  To be honest, I'm not a big fan of Santa so I'm not sure we'll even do one at all. We'll see though.  This week we have mostly been working on getting our Christmas shopping done and the day to day things.  We now have our Georgia driver's licenses and Georgia plates so we are official.   We have started to look at paint colors so we can get going on getting this place painted.  I basically want an entire house in different variations of grays and neutrals but Brian would like to be a little more bold. We have also been on the hunt for key furniture items this week.  No luck so far though.

This last week everywhere we went we have been getting a lot of attention for how small Amelia is.  People have been commenting on her size when they find out she is 3 months old.  They say things like, "she must have been a preemie" or "I would've guessed no more than a month".  I don't know how to answer when people say that.  So far I just say, "yep, she is petite".  Right now she is about 11.5 pounds  We weighed her using our scale so it's not very precise. How much did your babies weigh at 3 months? She is very happy, obviously sleeps well, and very alert so I am not really that worried.  I guess babies are one of those hot topic items that people love to talk about.  

Hope everyone is enjoying the Holiday season as much as we are.  I can't wait to put all her Christmas outfits to good use :)

Thursday, November 29, 2012

13 Weeks (3 months!) & Thanksgiving

13 Weeks
-Went to a Atlanta Hawks game
-Went to Coca-Cola factory
-Hung out with Grandma&Grandpa Yoast
for Thanksgiving
-Black Friday shopping
-Rolling over a lot (from front to back)
-Picked out our first real Christmas tree (can't beat the smell)

We had an exciting week over here in Georgia.  Brian's parents came down for the holiday and we had a great time. We had a non-traditional dinner (enchiladas), because Brian loves making that for Thanksgiving dinner. Carol, Amelia, and I braved the crowds for some black Friday shopping.  We actually went out around 11am to avoid the crazies.  It ended up being pretty crowded but we got some great stuff.  I basically got a Christmas wardrobe from baby Gap, so cute! We also got all stocked up with holiday decorations.  We still can not even begin to decorate this whole house but we'll have to add on every year I guess.  

Amelia and I did her 3 month photo-shoot in our favorite/festive pajamas.  She looks so cute in her Thanksgiving getup (courtesy of Aunt Katie).  The last picture is her rolling over, she gets so intense about it.  She must get that from Brian. 

We also hit up the Coca-cola factory this weekend.  We LOVED it! I had no idea, but there is a room FULL of fountain drinks from around the world.  It was a blast tasting everything.  I found that I enjoyed the flavors from Asia but not so much Africa.  I would recommend going to anyone.  Such a fun family day.  Until later when the amount of sugar really hit hard, I felt sick :( But it gave us a good laugh. 

meeting the creepy coke polar bear

after we watched the coke video, she was into it

the tasting room

all decorated for the holidays

Lastly I wanted to throw in a picture of Goose and Amelia.  They are becoming fast friends. She loves watching him and he loves testing me to see how close he can get.  After this I think he snuck in a lick on her little hand.  He is big so I never leave them alone together but he is becoming really protective over her.  He was even trying to give her his toy here. So sweet :)

I'll get some pictures of our holiday decor when we are finished. Loving decorating the house!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

12 Weeks/Fireplace Makeover

can you believe that smile!

12 Weeks
-10lbs 14oz & 23in
-2 month shots (yikes)
-Slept 12 hours (only one night though)

I can not get enough of her smile in that 12 week picture! I almost dropped the camera trying to take it because I got so excited:) I am glad I could finally capture a really good smile.  

We went to the Dr last week for her 2 month checkup and shots.  I am a little late on this appointment but its tough moving so many times to keep everything on track.  The new Dr was very nice but I am getting a little tired of having to wait for over an hour with a 2 month old.  Not easy and I wish the Dr's would consider this.  She did really well even with all the waiting.  She is just the tiniest little thing.  She still fits into some newborn clothes! When the Dr said she was only 10lbs14oz I was really surprised. I knew she was small but some babies are born that big.  She is barely in the 10th percentile.  This week however she upped her eating to 6x a day instead of 5 so maybe she'll really get to growing now.  She did also have one night that she slept 12 hours.  I was shocked when I looked at the clock and realized it was already 7:30am. I was so proud, but it was short lived.  Since that one blissful night it is back to 8ish hours.  Hopefully we'll get back up there.  

Here is a sweet pic of Amelia in a hat that Kelly made for her.  So cute! 

We have finished one project in the house so far! We painted the trim and the fireplace mantel in the family room.  We LOVE it! The room looked so dark and dreary with all the dark wood so we brightened it up with some white paint! It was tedious and not fun but so worth it.  Here is a little before and after. 


Well Happy Thanksgiving Eve everyone. I hope you have a wonderful Holiday. We are celebrating Thanksgiving Eve by heading to a Atlanta Hawks game :) 

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Our Home: The Before Shots

As per request I am finally putting up some pictures of the house. Amelia took an extra long nap which allowed me to snap some quick pictures and put them up. We are so happy that we were able to find a house so quickly and can not wait to get our hands dirty.  A little disclaimer: we bought the house because it needed a little TLC, we have no furniture, and we are still not unpacked.  Enjoy!

Looking up at the front door from the bottom
of the stairs.

The view from the top
of the porch steps.

Our porch swing and front door. (Please ignore my reflection and the additional
ten pounds that are also in that reflection :)

Looking straight into the house are the stairs and a hallway. The stairs
go to all 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms (1 master).

If you turn to the right when you come in
you'll see our formal dining room. We clearly don't 
have a dining room table yet but we are on the hunt. Or we may
 possibly DIY one.  

If you go to the left when you come in the door you will see the office/piano room. It is supposed to be a 
formal living room, but we are clearly not formal people. Excuse the mess, this was our 
moving in dumping ground. We did inherit the piano with the 
move which Hoss (Brian) is thrilled about. He and Amelia play almost everyday.

If you go down the hall and turn left you will run into the family room. The fireplace is huge 
but this room is a little small.  As you can see from the beautiful blue tape we
plan on doing a lot of painting in here. The door in the picture leads to the back deck/yard.

One of our first projects is going to be painting the trim and the mantle.

The half bath downstairs. Clearly a little outdated.  

The kitchen: It is pretty big and open with a nice space for
our little table.  We have a lot of plans for here.  We are gonna start with
paint and go from there.  While I do want
to redo the kitchen eventually I like the cozy country feel.
Goose had to sneak in the picture

If you look in the kitchen there is a door next to the fridge. The door
leads down to the basement.  It is actually a finished partial basement.  The door on
the right in front of Goose leads to the garage. 

Hoss works from home on Wednesdays so his makeshift office is 
down here right now.  This is mostly because I yell at
him because his voice is so loud
he constantly wakes up Amelia. haha.  So 
basically I banished him to the basement.  

Our laundry room! Our first time not having
to use a laundromat.  We were so excited it was
our first big house purchase. No more quarters (although I find 
myself still hoarding them).

Upstairs we have 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.  I only included pictures of the master because the other room are just either full of boxes or nothing at all. The master is pretty big, well bigger than anything we have had. The best part is obviously the closet! I didnt' think I would be able to fill it up but I find a way :)

The door from the kitchen leads out to a screened porch. I can't wait
to get some good use out of this during the summertime.

Backyard shots. Pretty big backyard, a little hilly. 

Back view of the house.

We have a looooong list of plans for the house.  Since the entire interior is painted the awesome color of weird off white/yellow we plan to start there.  We also clearly needing some major
furniture and decor.  Exiting stuff to look forward to!

I threw in a darling picture of Bubba (my nickname for her).